Wooden Hockey Stick Award

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00 and I were goofing around and thinking about coming up with an award for arenas that are less than what they should be(that suck).

a broken hockey stick and its wooden stick replacement

a broken hockey stick and its wooden stick replacement

This was inspired when the team played at Center Ice in Oaks, PA and 00’s composite stick got broken as the result of becoming lodged in the door for Zamboni.  I have heard from another parent that this same thing happened to them a few games back. It does seem like something that should be fixed for safety issues.  Imagine a stick becoming stuck in the door and stabbing a player in the abdomen. Sounds like a serious law suit waiting to happen to me. Perhaps Center Ice is not aware of the issue, but following the writing of this post, I will forward the link to the Center Ice…consider yourselves notified and awarded the Wooden Hockey Stick award. Fixing the door, would hopefully raise the rinks standings to a composite stick award.

At this time, the only other arena that 00 suggested for the “Wooden Hockey Stick Award” was the Wissahickon Ice Arena. For me I might add the Sunbury Arena and the Hill School arena…both of which have some issues that wreak havoc on the kids skates upon entering the ice.

What about you, got any arenas to add to the list? Why?

Reading Jr Royals Bantam A

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The 2008-2009 hockey season is well under way, and this blog has yet to be updated. Due to increased work requirements, I am unable to keep up with regular blog posting. Double 00 is on the Bantam A team this year as a valuable defensemen.

The team seems to be off to a great start, with at least two games every weekend.

For information on the team see the Reading Jr Royals website, or the Bantam A page of site. New this year, the team also has a new Reading  Jr Royals Bantam A team blog.

Reading JR Royals Bantam Tryouts

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This video was taken last Saturday during the Bantam tryouts for the Reading JR Royals. Quite a turnout. One dad of a player who played for the Bethlehem Blast, said that the two arenas in Lehigh Valley were going to be closing, so that would result in a lot of players coming to the RoyalsB

Today, Zero-Zero is trying out for the Icemen, which is a summer program where they do a few tournaments.

The results for both teams should be in by next Sunday.

2007-2008 Wrap Up

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It was a pretty good season for the Double Zero’s team the Reading Jr Royals PeeWee Black team. During the season, they won all of their league games, but did loose several non-league games.

2007-2008 DVHL PeeWee A Standings

Final Youth Ice Hockey Tournaments

The best tournament that I attended in which the JR Royals came in first place was the Hershey Bears Christmas Tournament during which the Royals beat out the NJ Penguins in the final game at the Giant Center Ice Arena 5:1.

The last two hockey tournaments that the boys played in they did not fair as well as I would have liked.

The Royals played in the Hershey Bears Post season tournament and came in second to the Bears who beat them in the final game 4:3.  This was probably my least favorite tournament due primarily to having to stay at the Holiday Inn in Grantville. When signing up for the tournament which the Bears seemed slated to win, the whole team had to stay at one hotel, and other accomodations could not involve any of the other local hotels, because if Hershey found out about this, the team could have been disqualified.

The final tournament of the season, was the Eastern Regional Finals. The Royals were knocked out of the tournament after two games, played by two NJ Youth Hockey teams.

It was a pretty good Ice Hockey season for Double Zero. He seemed to become very comfortable as a defensemen.

Hershey Bears Christmas Tournament

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The Reading Jr Royals PeeWee Black recently participated in the Hershey Bears Christmas Tournament. The tournament kicked off for the Royals on Thursday December 27th, two days after Christmas.

I am hoping to get the blog posts up for all of the games the boys played in the tournament, but time seems to be very short this year.

Here is a brief synopsis of how the Hershey Bears Tournament went for the Reading Jr Royals PeeWee A Black youth hockey team.

Won the first game against the Hershey Bears and the next game as well which was later on in the afternoon on Thursday.

The following morning, at 9am they had their next game, which was a pretty close tie. This was also the game where Zero-Zero received a major penalty and was kicked out of the the tournament. In spite of not playing, he did watch the rest of his teams games from the stands.

The afternoon game resulted in another win for the Royals, and they ended the day being in second place, just behind the New Jersey Penguins.

Saturday morning saw the Royals down four defensive players, including zero-zero. The first game of the morning which was at 915 I believe was against the team they tied the day before. This game started out badly for the Royals who were behind for most of the game, but ended up winning in over time with a score of 3:2. This as it turns out was what I feel was the best game of the tournament because of the come from behind win.

After this spectacular win, the boys then headed over to the Giant Center for the final hockey game of the tournament against the New Jersey Penguins who went into the final round undeafeted.

This game started out with the Royals getting three goals within the first two minutes of the first period. Sadly, the NJ Penguins were not able to come back from the tremendous Royals start and ended up losing the final game 5:1.

All in all it was a pretty good youth hockey tournament. The boys had some good competition and had at least one game where the potential to lose was great. They also had the chance to play in two large hockey arenas – the Giant Center and the Old Hershey Ice Arena.


At the NE Philadelphia Skate Zone

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The JR Royals PeeWee Black are playing at the Flyers Skate Zone in NE Philly on December 16th of 2007. Quite a crappy drive to the Skate Zone today as the weather is less than perfect. But after last nights confusion getting to Grundy, we made it here in plenty of time. Time enough for me to write up several post for the Reading JR Royals Hockey blog which have been just waiting for me to post.

The Skate Zone is much like the Bethlehem Skate Zone. Actually when I came into the NE Skatezone, I thought I was having a bit of a flash back because the layout is almost exactly the same as Bethlehem Blast’s arena. Oh one problem with the Flyers NE SkateZone, no Wireless connection.

The Blazers vs JR Reading Royals PeeWee Black game in Review

1127 in the first period saw the first goal of the game with a riffled in puck that put the Royals ahead 1:0 and 6:0 shots on goal. The next goal came at 546 making it 2:0 with 11:3 shots on goal.

Just as I finished writing the Royals scored their third goal at 527 making it 3:0 with 12:3 shots on goal.

The first period ended with the Royals leading 3:0 with 20:4 shots on goal. Compared to the game against Grundy the previous evening, the Royals seem much livelier.

At 707 in the 2nd period a Blazer was down. That young man must have been in some serious pain because I have not heard screaming like that for quite a while. After several minutes he was ushered off the ice by two coaches.

Prior to the injury, the Royals had three penalties, and were playing a 3 on 5 game for two 4 minute penalties. During the Powerplays, the Blazers were unable to capitalize because they insisted on skating the puck up the ice instead of passing the puck to the unprotected players. Whie they were skating with the puck, the Royals managed to consistently back check and then ice the puck. Remarkabley, the Royals did not score any short handed goals during the 2nd period penalties.

The next Royals goal came with 50.4 seconds left in the period making it 4:0 with 26:12 shots on goal. This was followed by another Royals goal at 9.1 seconds in the period, making it 5:0 and 27:13 shots on goal which is exactly how the 2nd period ended.

947 Royals score a shorthanded goal making it 6:0 with 33:16 shots on goal. The next Royals goal of the period came during a powerplay at 714 making it 7:0 with 37:17 shots on goal. At 417 the Royals again scored making it 8:0 with 41;19 shots on goal.

At 236 in the 3rd period the Royals score again making it 9:0 with 43:20 shots on goal. The last goal of the game came at 222 making it 10:0 with 45:20 shots on goal. The score board however was stoped at 9:0.

Towards the end of the youth hockey game, the Blazers made several great attempts to prevent the shut out, but inspite of the great last minute effort, they were still unable to score.

The hockey game ended with a score of 10:0 with 45:20 shots on goal.

Grundy vs Royals

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The Royals played a 630pm game at the Grundy Recreation Center ice arena which is a pretty nice arena. The seating area consists of concrete bleachers with wooden boards strung up for seats makes it a pretty nice arena compared to some. Oh one of the coaches gives the Grundy snack bar an 8 out of 10, which is pretty high praise for arena food.

The Grundy arena has two ponds which both have the same type of seating. Video games for kids to suck your funds out of your wallet are a plenty. With a Wii and an XBox being the prizes of one of the games which requires a buck per try.

The hockey game in review.

The first period saw no goals for either Grundy or the Jr Royals, and the Royals were out shot 19:6, but the Royals Goalie did a super job as always in keeping Grundy at bay.

The first goal of the game was scored by Grundy at 1113 in the second period with 24:8 shots. At this point in time the Royals had not woken up.

Soon after the goal, a melee in front of Grundy’s goal resulted in two penalties for Grundy, one being for their goalie. At this point the Royals seemed to wake up quite a bit, making about a dozen unsuccessful but relentless shots on Grundy’s goal.

The next and only other goal of the youth hockey game was at 4:44 in the second period during a power play with 26:22 shots the Jr Royals tie it up at 1:1. The second period ended with 31:24 shots on goal.

The last period was to remain scoreless, with 40:30 reported shots on goal. I actually counted about 6 more shots for the Royals, but that is just my count.

Overall, the boys really did not seem to be at the top of their game. Grundy was continually getting the Royals zone by placing a player in the middle. They also seemed to be passing a lot more and using the boards less which is what the Jr Royals PeeWee Black needs to do as well. As one parent said, they need to break some of their bad habits now, or else they are not going to fare well in the 2008 games.

Reading Jr Royals Vs The Bethlehem Blast

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The Royals hosted the Bethlehem Blast on 12/1/2007 in the Voices arena.

The first goal of the game came at 1444 in the first period as the result of a face off in the Blast’s zone. The next goal came from the Royals at 201 int he first period. The first period ended with a score of 2:0.

The second period began with one Royal in the box for 44 seconds.

The next goal came at 1049 in the 3rd period when the puck bounced off of the goal and ricocheted into the goal off of the goalies skate, making it 3:0.

Then at 4:17, the Blast made their first and only goal of the game, making it 4:1, which is also how the 2nd period ended.

The first goal of the 3rd period came at 1211 when the Royals scored on a powerplay making it 4:1. The Royals then scored at 952 makeing 5:1. I must have been sleeping because I missed the next Royals goal which occured somewhere before 803 in the 3rd, making it 6:1.

At 3:02 the Royals scored the next goal. The next goal was a riffled in shot by Sherman at 2:11 in the 3rd making it 8:1, which is also how the game ended.

Game wrap up

The Blast was seriously out matched today. The Royals had lots of passing going on and less skating with the puck up and down the ice. This is the type of hockey the boys need to keep playing inorder to continue having a successful season.

Final Score 8:1 Reading Jr Royals.

Reading Jr Royals Vs Hatfield Ice Dogs

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The Reading JR Royals PeeWee Black hosted the Hatifield Ice Dogs PeeWee I team at 730am in the Voices arena.

In my score keeping, I forgot to mark down the time of the first goal of the game, which occured in the first period by the Ice Dogs, which is how the first period ended.

445 in the Second period the Royals scored making it 1:1, which is again how the period ended at 1:1. At one point in the game though, their were two Royals defensemen in the box at the same time, but the Ice Dogs were unable to take advantage of the powerplay.

The next goal of the game was scored by the Royals at 1434 in the last period. This goal was also made when the Royals were short handed. It seems that a lot of times, the Royals play better short handed than they do when they are 5 on 5. Royals 2:1.

The next goal came from the Royals at 931 in the period with 14 seconds left in a powerplay, making it 3:1. The Royals then scored again at 8:28, making it 4:1.

The last game of the day came from the Ice Dogs with 15 seconds left in a Royals power play. The Royals/Ice Dogs game ended with a score of 4:2. All in all the Hatfield Ice Dogs played a pretty good game.

Mt Laurel Jaguars and the Exton Kings

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I will be trying to get the weekend updates up on something that resembles a schedule. If any of the Royals Parents or Players would like to post here, or would like assistance in starting a blog of their own, please let me know.

Last weekends games:

Saturday 9/29/2007

Mt. Laurel Jaguars vs Reading Jr Royals PeeWee A Black team at the Bodyzone in Reading.

I was not in attendance, but heard the Royals won 3:2. If anyone has any info on the game, feel free to leave a comment, or send me an email, and I will post it.

Sunday’s game was at the Exton Power Play Arena against the Kings.

I had the priviledge of being in attendance to this game.

The PowerPlay Arena consists of one arena, an Ok Proshop(Much better than BZ), games, and snack bar. I was informed that the arena does have Wifi, but I did not have my laptop to verify. The spectator seating is on the second floor, and depending upon where you are sitting, visibility can be obscured quite a bit.

Kings vs Royals

1st period

841 Royals Score the first goal. At 446 in the first the Royals scored the second goal of the game, with 10:7 shots on goal. At 406 the Royals had their first 2min penalty of the game. Then with 42.3 seconds left in the first period, a fight broke out and their were two players from each team in the box, but only 1 the Royals were penalized, and had to play shorthanded for two minutes. Then at 34.3 seconds left in the first period, the Kings scored their first goal of the game on a powerplay.

2nd period

Second period started with 1:2 Royals and 10:16 shots on goal and no one in the box. At 1125 in the second, the Royals slipped the puck into the corner making it 1:3. At 950 in the second, a King slid into the was wall behind the Royals goal, and was proceeded with a little fight that resulted with 2 players from each team being in the box, but still being 5 on 5. At 416 the Kings scored making it 2:3.

3rd Period

The third period started 2:3 Royals, 15:30 shots on goal no hockey players in the box. 1307 Royals score on a backhanded goal, making it 2:4. Then at 1013 Royals scored again making it 2:5 with 17:36 shots on goal. At 957 a time out was called. 725 the Royals had another 2 min penalty. At 531 in the third, the Kings received their first 2 min penalty of the game. 41.4 seconds left in the game another fight broke out, but no penalties were given out. The game ended 2:5 Royals with 20:39 shots on goal.

Here is a little video on Viddler.com I made today, with a little bit of commentary about the game.

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